Central City Tower 2

with ZGF Architects
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
schematic design and design development
590,000 sq.ft. - Targeting Passivehouse Standards

At ZGF Architects I produced conceptual and schematic design drawings for a 26 storey speculative AAA office tower in Surrey, British Columbia. The tower is part of a phased redevelopment of an existing suburban shopping mall.

The site’s dramatic topography enabled the distribution and separation of various functional elements to enhance the look and feel of the building’s ground plane. Service and vehicle entrances are strategically hidden from sight at the site’s low point, while the pedestrian and bicycle entrances are prominently featured at the street corner. Retail space is located at the site’s high point, adjacent to nearby parkland.

There are several office floorplates, ranging from large and deep to small and shallow, catering to a variety of potential tenants. Exterior amenities are located at various levels. CC2 is slated to break ground in 2021, and is targeting Passivehouse building standards.

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