Dominican University College

Founded in 1900, the Dominican University College (DUC) dates more than a century in its current location on Empress Avenue in downtown Ottawa, Canada. At the time of its establishment 120 brothers resided within the facility. Presently a dozen brothers are still living and studying on-site, the remainder reside off-site elsewhere in the city.

The way the facility functions has changed dramatically over time, and accordingly several renovations and additions have altered the building’s initial form. The DUC has held a civil university charter since 1967, offering a full range of academic programs within the faculties of philosophy and theology. In 2012 the DUC became affiliated with Carleton University, introducing further changes to the current and future use of the facility.

The proposed addition and renovation of the facility seek to enhance the current function of the space, while adding necessary library and classroom program to accommodate recent changes to the DUC’s mandate.

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